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A Nap for Me and a Run for You.

They say runners experience a runner’s high and that’s why they run.  Have you ever experienced the high right before you take a nap? I doubt it’s better than that. You have a race number?  I have a sleep number.  If running is so great, why is it when you’re done with a run, you’re happy it’s over. With a nap you get mad if you finish early. They say you shouldn’t eat right before a run. With a nap, you can eat while you’re getting in position for the nap. You can carb up right before the nap and after the nap. There’s no training in napping, you’re born a pro.  People like to time their runs. The best part of a nap is bragging you how long you spent doing nothing. You ran 7 miles in 2 hours? I got all day Sunday on the couch with a blanket. You’re also not supposed to run the day before the race. When sleeping for ten hours, you can wake up, walk right downstairs and take another nap. The best part of taking a nap, no running.

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